Juelz Ventura

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Julez Ventura, Shayne St. Lucia, Jeulz Ventura, Layna Laurelย 

Ethnicity: Latin
Birthday: Jul 31, 1987 (36)
Country: Brasil image
Place of Birth: Brasilia
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown/
Height: 165 cm / 5'4"
Weight: 52 kg / 114 lbs
Boobs: 34C / fake
Piercings: Navel; right upper lip; clit; left nostril
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Tattoos: "Latina" on back of neck; Sleeve on right upper arm; angel on right forearm; "C.A.B", "03.12.83" and an ankh inside left forearm Oct2009; "TCB" left middle finger; flowers on left hip; stars above right buttcheek; mmall tribal on lower back; skull and

Biography: Juelz Ventura is a big-breasted, sultry-eyed vixen who's as diabolical as she is seductive. Born in Brazil, this half-Italian half-Latina hottie's smoldering green eyes, supermodel build, and impressive pair of double D's are impossible to pass up. And unlike most other porn stars, Juelz joined the adult film industry out of spite for an ex-boyfriend, giving her a drive and determination that shines through in every single one of her scenes!

Though she was raised in Wisconsin, Miss Ventura never lost her Latin passion and natural comfort with taking her clothes off. So when she found videos of her then-boyfriend boning other broads on his computer, she did what any angry girlfriend would do and sought revenge by making a sex tape of her own. Well, lucky for you this fiery senorita went one step further and decided to make a whole career out of fucking random guys on screen! With everything from blowjobs, to anal, to double penetration, Juelz consistently demonstrates a superior talent for handling dick that'll make you wonder what idiot cheated on her in the first place.

Getting off on sticking it to her ex, Miss Ventura absolutely loves giving sloppy head while looking defiantly into the camera. Her unbelievably hot blowjobs are so notoriously wet, in fact, that she's even been given the nickname Druelz. So check out Juelz Ventura's videos below, because as we've learned from this devious dame, there's nothing hotter than a jilted ex-lover!

Scenes (29)