You come to the salon hoping to fix your problems, and Janie is ready to help you. She starts with a gentle massage of your body, relaxing every cell. Her skilled hands glide smoothly along your back, providing pleasurable sensations. But that's just the beginning. When Janie discovers your hidden fantasy, she wastes no time in fulfilling it. She delicately penetrates your anus, lubricating it with oil and caressing it with her fingers. You experience excitement and pleasure from the anal sex you've always desired. Janie skillfully maneuvers with every movement, bringing you incredible bliss. Her ample breasts brush against you, adding to the sensation of arousal. By the end of the session, you feel like a new person. Janie leaves you with a smile on your face, knowing she has done everything to fulfill your most intimate anal fantasies.

Actors: Janie Blade (33) , Steve Rickz (32)
* In brackets the age of the actress at the time of shooting

Studio productionDevil's Film image

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