You will immerse yourself in a world of passion, fantasies, and sexual games. This story revolves around a guy who unexpectedly gains supernatural abilities, transforming into Dildo Man – a sexual superhero capable of fulfilling any woman's desires. As Dildo Man, he embarks on a journey, exploring the boundaries of his own sexuality and skill in delivering unforgettable pleasure to his partners. With elements of Japanese style, cosplay, and group sex, this film takes you on a thrilling and erotic adventure. Actors Mitsuki Nagisa, Erika Ozaki, and Moeka Marui recreate vivid and captivating scenes to fulfill the deepest sexual fantasies.

Actors: Mitsuki Nagisa (24) , Erika Ozaki (26) , Moeka Marui (20)
* In brackets the age of the actress at the time of shooting

Studio productionTMA image

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