Three years ago, Veruca met Mick through her husband, Michael. Veruca and Mick became close friends, but there was always an undeniable sexual tension between them. One day, Michael made a risky deal and entrusted his wife, Veruca, to spend the entire night with Mick. It was an incredible test for their relationship and trust. Mick and Veruca were left alone, and their passion overflowed. They blended the feelings of long-term friendship with fiery sex into one unforgettable evening. Veruca openly displayed her bushy pussy, inviting Mick to indulge in it. They spent the night exploring each other in every possible position. Mick thrust his cock into Veruca's wet pussy, delivering the orgasms she had fantasized about. They reached the peak of pleasure together, climaxing on her tits, drenching them in their hot cum. It was a sexual journey that their friendship couldn't contain. Their passion and lust consumed them, leaving behind memorable traces and new sexual possibilities they would never forget.

Actors: Veruca James (26) , Mick Blue (39) , Michael Vegas (31)
* In brackets the age of the actress at the time of shooting

From Film:  How To Train A Hotwife
Studio productionNew Sensations image

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