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For over 40 years Private Media Group has been at the forefront of the adult entertainment industry. In 1965 Private pushed forward the frontiers of erotic material by publishing the world's first full-color adult publications. In 1992 Private began producing feature films, and in 1995 it established its presence on the Internet. By the end of the millennium, Private Media Group had entered the broadcasting business through its own branded channels and had obtained a public-listing on the Nasdaq National Market in the US with the ticker symbol PRVT. Today, Private Media Group is a leading global adult entertainment company that distributes its content over a wide range of media platforms, including narrow and broadband Internet, DVD and video, magazines, broadcasting and wireless technologies. It owns the worldwide rights to the largest archive of high quality adult content in the world, which it physically distributes in over 40 countries.


Private Network: Anal Introductions, I Confess Files, Mission: AssPossible, Russian Fake Agent, Russian Teen Ass, Sex On The Beach, Tight And Teen, Black On Sluts, Private Fetish, Private Milfs, Private Stars и Tranny Temptation. Individual projects: Private Classics, Private Black and Private Castings.

Private Series: Private Gold, Private Specials, Private Xtreme, Private Blockbusters, Private Black Label, Private Classics, Private Films, Private Movies, Private Fetish Machine, etc.

Private TV: Private Gold, Private Blue, Private Fantasy and Private Girls

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